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Disgusting Dave Series

The filthiest boy in the world? Or just unlucky?


D. Dave Dog
Meet Dave. He’s disgusting. Everyone says so. Even his Mum is fed up with him examining his nose pickings. But Dave knows he’s not disgusting; he’s just curious about things. And now he’s got a challenge: if he can avoid doing anything disgusting for a week he will get a twenty pound reward. He thinks he can do it. But then his arch-enemy, Banger Bates, lands him with the world’s smelliest dog.


D. Dave Dog
Dave has a dog that farts and he’s way too interested in snot and sick for his Aunt Dora’s liking. But really he only wants to find out about fascinating things like the human body, and creepy crawlies, and flesh-eating maggots. When some real-life maggots arrive for Dave in the post, he discovers that science can turn dangerous. Can he keep the squirmy insects under control before they chomp their way through the whole neighbourhood? (DISGUSTING DAVE AND THE FLESH-EATING MAGGOTS Winner of 2nd Prize (Highly Commended) at the 2011 Sheffield Children’s Book Awards)


D. Dave Dog
Dave is disgusting. At least, that’s what his terrifying older sister says. But Dave just wants to find out how things work; even things like burping and farting. Now Dave needs to turn detective to prove his best friend’s mother is innocent of accidentally poisoning the school dinners. But he’s going to have to get up close and personal with some vomit.

What the Press Say

“A great read, perfect for romping through… Any child will love reading it, love telling their mates about it, and love reciting all the facts they’ve learnt from it. Recommended.” –

“A book that’s full of toilet humour, it will strike a chord with boys especially.” – Junior

“Wonderfully, wittily written and appallingly appealing.” – Bournemouth Daily Echo

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