No-one can guarantee that a book or a script will be sold, and it would be dishonest for me, or anyone else, to promise otherwise. But it is my strong belief that, with my guidance, people will be able to vastly increase their chances of their work being sold to commercial publishers or producers.

I’m basing this on my track record as a writer:

500 scripts sold and broadcast around the world, 100 fiction books published. I hope this prompts people to think: “I have a hard time selling my work, but Jim has been doing it for a long time (45 years) and is still doing it. What’s his secret?”

There is no secret: it’s structure, character, story; and I have learnt how to combine those in a range of genres to be saleable. So my Courses are about the craft of writing for the commercial market, and how you can make your work saleable.

The Writing Courses I’m offering are:
1) Jim’s Foundation Course: Writing books, and scriptwriting for TV, film and radio: Characters and Story. This is an essential Module as it is the cornerstone of all writing as a profession.

After you have done this, if you wish, you have the choice of Courses for specific genres:
2) Writing drama and comedy for TV.
3) Writing children’s books.
4) Writing comedy and drama for radio.

How it works

You’ll be developing your idea with the support of a published and experienced writer; all at a pace that suits your lifestyle.

Step 1 – Pick the correct course for you.
Step 2 – Signup and Download the initial “How to” guide.
Step 3 – Complete and send in your initial Step Treatment (or Detailed Outline).
Step 4 – I give you feedback. You decide what to incorporate.
Step 5 – You revise your draft or develop the idea and send to me.
Step 6 – Repeat Steps 4 to 5 until done.

Frequently asked questions

– How much time do I need to give to getting this done?
It’s up to you. As much time as you want to give it. It’s very flexible. I will respond to your drafts and questions to suit your pace.

– What if I don’t like your feedback?
Then we have a discussion by e-mail where I take on board your point of view, and I back up my reasons for my opinions, and hopefully we reach an accord. The important thing is that I will always be aware that it is YOUR work, with your own voice as a writer. What I’m trying to do is guide you to make YOUR work saleable.

– Why should I listen to you?
Because of my track record as a writer: 250 TV scripts and 250 radio scripts sold and broadcast around the world, 100 fiction books published with sales of over 3 million, and I’m still selling.

– What does the “How to” guide cover?
How to develop character and story from a blank page. The importance of the step treatment (or detailed storyline). Creating the basic structure before moving on to write a finished book or script.

– How much will it cost?
The basic cost of any Course is £25. For this you get the “How to” guide.

After this, you can choose and pay for other elements (e.g. storylines, feedback on completed books or scripts) as you wish.

For example: My Foundation Course (Character & Story) goes through three stages: registering for the initial “how to” document (£25), followed by the two stages of the Step Treatment at £25 each, a total cost of £75 for the Course; but you can stop at any time after the initial payment; how much you want to do and want to pay is entirely up to you.

My additional fees (and all these are optional, depending on whether you want them) are:

  • Reading and giving feedback on a completed First Draft of a short script (for a 30 minute slot) or a short book (up to 30,000 words): £40;
  • Feedback on a Second Draft of short script: £40;
  • Reading and giving feedback on a completed First Draft of a longer script (e.g. for a 60 or 90 minute slot) or a longer book (35,000 to 80,000 words): £70;
  • Feedback on a Second Draft of longer script: £70;

But again, you can pick and choose which stages you want to do and which you want to pay for, so you can make it affordable to suit your particular circumstances.

Do I need to pay for this all up front?
No. You pay in stages as you go along: £25 for the “How to ” guide; then £25 (or whatever the cost may be) for the next stage.

See the individual Course payment pages

Join the Foundation Course
This is the ideal Course for new and emerging writers, or someone who has yet to sell their work. This Foundation Course shows you how to write commercially for all genres: books and scripts.

Join Writing Drama or Comedy for TV Course
If you have had success in one genre (perhaps as a novelist) but wish to try writing scripts for television, this will show you the formats, the slots, and the craft of scriptwriting.

Join Writing Drama or Comedy for Radio Course
This Course is based on 45 years of writing drama and comedy for radio, and will be your guide to writing a saleable script.

Join Writing For Children and Young Adults Course
If you’ve written scripts or short stories successfully, but want to write in the longer form, this Course is for those who want to write for children and the Young Adult market. Again, it’s based on my long experience, and continuing commissions, as a children’s author.