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WW2 Hotel Mysteries.


September 1940. The height of the Blitz. Refugees from the bombing in the East End of London invade the Savoy, desperate to find safety in its opulent air raid shelter. Next morning the dead body of one of the Savoy’s aristocratic guest is found, stabbed. DCI Coburg and Sergeant Lampson are called in, with the finger of suspicion pointing at the EastEnders; but not everything is as it seems.


August 1940. On the streets of London people watch with growing concern as German bombers fill the sky. But inside the famous Ritz Hotel the cream of society continue to enjoy all the glamour and comfort that money can buy – until an anonymous man is found dead, his throat cut, in the suite of an exiled King. Detective Chief Inspector Edgar Saxe-Coburg and his loyal Sergeant, Ted Lampson are called in to investigate. But with mounting pressure from various intelligence agencies, rival political factions, and gang warfare brewing, Coburg and Lampson must untangle a web of lies and deceit if they are to solve the case, and survive.

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